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Sep 11, 2023

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Mountain Auto Tuk Tuk Rickshaw : New Games 2022:
You might have played many autozone games with same style three wheeler driving on city auto roads but this game is surely going to add a thrill to your rickshaw driving fever. In this free ride double stroller game, pick up passengers from different stops on mountainous roads and drive them in your tempoo for mountain sightseeing. People are going towards mountain areas to get away from crowded city. They need a city auto like vehicle to help them travel the amazing mountains. Sharpen your rickshaw driving skills by zooming tempoo on some amazing hill roads and enjoying the most amazing views. Other autozone double stroller tempoo are also picking up the people so you have to be quick to get as many passengers as possible in one go.
This game has some amazing autozone environment and graphics to cherish. Big mountains and rocky roads will surely pump you up to drive on the most dangerous yet mesmerizing roads. The controls of this game are easy but you have to take extra care while driving in autozone as the areas are hilly and it is quite possible that your rickshaw might stumble on a rock. Don’t let the passengers feel discomfort in this amazing autozone city auto tempoo game. Your driving skills will surely be tested here. Bring the best city auto crowded city driver and keep an eye on the bumpy road. It’s a two-way traffic road so you have to be extra careful in this autozone tempoo game not to destroy your rickshaw. The physics used in this game is outstanding! The camera moves according to the bumps on roads and your tempoo rickshaw will move like in real life. An expert city auto three wheeler driver is the one who picks the passengers on time and drop them to their destination without any hustle. In this free ride game, your main objective is to pick as many crowded city passengers as possible.
The sceneries in this game are most beautiful. A dirt off road with difficult terrains surrounded by mesmerizing mountains and hills will fresh you up. This game will also help you in honing your three wheeler skills on off road. River running besides you while you drive your free ride double stroller is the most amazing and refreshing thing.
Due to capitative sceneries and challenging off road double stroller three wheeler drive, this game is hard to resist. Once you have started playing this free ride game, you will not be able to get away from it. Its easy controls and HD graphics will grab your attention away from all other games.
The pick up and drop off destinations will be marked for you. It will make three wheeler driving more easy and fun. You will be guided where to go by a pointer pointing towards your destination. Follow the pointer to reach crowded city stop quickly. Keep an eye on passengers as when you drop them off, you will find another passenger waiting for rickshaw in the hill crowded city. In this free ride game, after completing one mission, you will be assigned the next passenger quickly as the passengers are always in a hurry. Complete each mission with flying numbers to reward yourself with a new three wheeler. You can buy a new double stroller form the money you have earned from the jobs done.
This game also has an endless driving mode in which you can drive as much as you want. You are not restricted to drive your double stroller on specific roads and paths. You can take whatever turn you want to and go anywhere to enjoy and feel the realistic rickshaw driving. But be aware, sharp turns will result in flipping the rickshaw over. Don’t let your auto flip as it will damage your vehicle very badly.
Mountain Auto Tuk Tuk Rickshaw: New Games 2022 Features:
🚌 HD and smooth realistic graphics.
🚌 Unique off-road paths to challenge driving skills.
🚌 Lively environment.
🚌 Pick and drop passengers to earn money and tip.
🚌 Clear objectives with guidance to move ahead in each level.
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