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NameMouse on Screen Scary Joke APK
Version3.1 (2016)
UpdatedNov 27, 2019
CategoryApps, Entertainment

Mouse on Screen Scary Joke App

Realistic effect of mouse on the screen. Scare all of your friends!

"Mouse on screen scary joke" is an entertainment application which will display an animation of shaggy mouse on the screen of your phone. The animal will be walking from one edge of the screen to another one. Mice will be running, looking around, sniffing, running away. Horrifying animation of mammal will be always displayed in the foreground. It doesn't matter what you are doing, if you are browsing the Internet, playing a game or writing an email, the vermin will always be visible. You can set on which edge of the phone the animal can move. The frightening effect of rodent is so realistic that you can scare your friends in an easy way. They may believe that a real mouse is walking on the screen of their phone.
Additionally, we give you possibility to set a transparent icon for removing the rodent. Thanks to it, it will be easier to prank your friends.

This application can also serve as a toy for your cat. Show the virtual mouse to your cat and for sure he will be chasing after it and will be eager to eat it :)

How can you prank your friends?
1. Take their phone under pretext of checking something on the Internet.
2. Install our great application.
3. Set the vermin to appear few seconds/minutes ahead.
4. Give the phone back to your victim.
5. Look at his reaction and laugh as much as possible :)

Main features of the application:
- natural and fluent movements of mouse.
- choice of the screen edge of animal's movements.
- setting the time after which the animation will appear.
- an animation of the mammal always displayed in the foreground.

WearOS: this app is also available for WearOS devices. WearOS app is not a standalone app. To work correctly it needs phone app. Using your watch you can trigger the mouse animation on your phone. Just press button on your smartwatch and mouse will appear on your phone app.

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