Mouse Ripple: wakes up a computer optical mouse APK

Prevents a computer screen lock by simulating the movement of an optical mouse.

Version1.17 (19)
UpdatedMay 10, 2020 (3 months ago)
CategoryApps, Productivity

This app keeps the computer in active state even if for some reason you cannot turn off the screen lock in the operating system settings.

It is designed and tested for LED mice.

Periodically affects the computer mouse, simulating its movement and thereby simulates of user activity. The impact interval on the computer mouse is set in the application settings in the range from 20 seconds to 10 minutes.

This application does not need any connections and settings on your computer. Just put the computer mouse on the screen of the phone with "Mouse Ripple" running on it, and you will be spared from having to enter the password a hundred times a day.

The application will save a lot of time and nerves that you spend daily on entering your computer password. Using the application in the office workplace and in other crowded places reduces the risk of compromising your password, since the less you type it on the keyboard, the more difficult it is to peek.

The application does not violate usual office information security rules. After leaving the workplace, you always manually lock the computer, and take your mobile phone with you, do not you?

Do not be distracted by annoying interference, use your time more effectively.

It is ideal for cases when the computer screen should be active for a long time in the absence of actions on your part, such as

- real-time processes supervising on dashboards;

- maintaining the visibility of your home screen while you are working on another console or busy talking with a colleague;

- waiting for the completion of long-running tasks: copying files, installing applications, backing up and system checks of a PC;

- watching videos and participating in webinars;

- show presentations.

Unlike analogues, our application is small in size and carefully consumes the phone’s battery.

By installing this free application, you can evaluate the usefulness of its work on your optical mouse. If the advertisement gives you inconvenience, there is a paid version of this application. It is ad-free and does not need an internet connection.

Email: app.hobbysoft@gmail.com

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