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Jun 19, 2023

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Move Apps Phone to SD card APP

If you want your phone memory apps to be managed, to function smoothly and have more space for convenience then you are on the right place. We present you one of the best phone memory apps and SD card manager. We are here to assure you that you will get a smooth and easy to run app for managing your phone memory. This app offers both functions of storing and saving data with multiple features.

You can get the same data on other phone memory apps but this additionally provide you best functionality with smooth controls and is one click away. You just need to open the app other instructions will be there for you to get guided for moving files to SD card. If your phone does not have enough space to manage apps and files then it is a big opportunity for you to make your phone operational smoothly.
This is specially developed for the people who need to manage and save their files during their work and doesn’t have enough time and space in their phones. They can now easily access this phone memory apps to move files to SD card. This just doesn’t help you to manage your phone memory but also protect it from being lost and from external interferences.
You will be provided an easy to go and one click away gallery to SD card move for removing mobile hanging problems with memory capturing app. So, download an app that helps you to save your memory file with a lot of features and here are some features below.

Move to SD Card: Memory Creams Features:
-Auto move to SD card of any kind of document like files, apps to free up space
-Phone memory apps for best back data solutions
-Simple UI and a complete guide with easy-to-handle controls
-You can even customize by selecting specific files to be moved with SD card manager
-On uploading new files you will be notified memory creams
-Move apps and files to SD card for managing data
-Move apps from device storage to SD card
-you can move, change file name, set and resize the files
-You can even choose a path to move the files in certain folder you have named to SD card
-While gallery to SD card move you will get all the details for memorizing and reminding the date and time
-Due to many files, it gets difficult to remember the name of file and document, for this you have a search option for better reach in memory creams.2. Move Cassettes to Sd card:
With this you can now allocate all of your Videos from device storage to SD card using the by using this brand-new memory capturing app.

3. Move Document to Sd Card:
This memory capturing app helps you to manage your professional life by making a backup of all important documents from your device memory to SD card.

4. Move Music to Sd Card:
For saving more of your audio that contains music, songs and other recordings save in SD card manager.

5. Move App to SD Card:
One of the biggest problems of today’s date is to save your apps with low storage. This is the best memory capturing app to transfer and store your apps.

6. Memory File Manager:
This just doesn’t help you to store your data but to manage it as well for personal purposed and for professional use.
Download now to get a high storage for better space and memory. This will help you a lot for saving.

1. Move Pictures to SD Card:
Now you have easy access to move pictures to SD card. This feature helps you to transfer your pictures; important, backup and privet from device memory to SD card or memory file.
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