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Movie Quotus is a theatrical trip down memory lane of your favorite movies!

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UpdatedMar 20, 2018 (3 years ago)
DeveloperEggplant Endeavors LLC
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Movie Quotus is a theatrical trip down memory lane of your favorite movies! Who doesn’t randomly pull out a movie quote during an everyday conversation to make a joke? Just admit it…we all do it but why stop there? Play Movie Quotus to make sure that all your friends and family know who the master of the movie quote truly is.

Movie Quotus is a head to head game designed to be fast and fun where you can pick a movie quote and send it to your opponent and they will have only 30 seconds to select the movie it’s from. The faster you select the answer, the more points you win. First person to 1,100 points wins!

Basic game play takes place during a Q Round. In a Q Round, you will select a movie quote from a specific genre (Comedy, Adventure, Sci Fi, etc.) to send to your opponent. If you do not like the selections offered, you will have the option to refresh the Quote List but be smart about it as you can only refresh the list one time per Q Round. Once you select a quote and send it to your opponent, they will have to correctly pick the movie from which the quote is from. The quicker they answer, the more points they score but the maximum number of points that can be awarded during a Q Round is 200 assuming no Bonus Packs are being used. If your opponent answers incorrectly, you get to stay on the offensive and select another quote. If your opponent answers correctly, they get to select the next quote for you to answer correctly so it’s important to control the game as much as possible!

Both Movie Quotus and its sister game Holy Quotus are the only games of their kind that allow you to select the quote to be sent to your opponent while allowing you to deploy various offensive and defensive strategies through the use of Bonus Packs. Bonus Packs can be acquired by redeeming Quotus Points and here is a rundown on some of them so start thinking now on how to best use them!

Offensive Bonus Packs:

Speed Up Timer: Your opponent will need to be quick on their feet as the timer will be cut in half.
Bank 4 Quotes: If you see a good quote come across, you can save a quote for future use. Ideal for when you know your opponents weakness and can exploit it.
Offensive Ace: Got your opponent on the ropes, use this Bonus Pack to win the game on the next incorrect answer.
Double Points: Behind in a game, this allows you to double the number of points available in a round so it’s a great way to catch up when you are down.
Multiplier: Feeling lucky? This Bonus Pack will randomly increase the number of points possible in a Q Round from 2x-5x.
Defensive Definitions:

Slow Timer: Feeling overwhelmed and behind, this Bonus Pack allows doubles the time you have to answer the quote so you can breathe easier.
Concede ½ Points: Don’t give up and give your opponent a complete win of a Q Round by allowing the round to be lost but only give your opponent 50 points.
Drop 2 Answers: Perfect when you need a little extra help as this Bonus Pack removes 2 incorrect choices.
Provide Hint: Shows the character in the movie that said the quote to give you that extra edge.
Block Bonus: The ultimate in defensive moves as this will stop any Offensive Bonus Pack deployed – a must have!
So the more you play and win, the more Quotus Points you can obtain to acquire Bonus Packs. We also offer the option to purchase Quotus Points to get ahead of the curve via In App Purchases.

Enjoy Movie on!

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