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Simplified online milk delivery for A2 Desi Cow Milk with Mr. Milk’s new app.

Mr. Milk is a leading dairy brand in Pune, offering A2 Desi Cow Milk, Paneer, and Ghee, through our online milk delivery app. You can now subscribe to good health for your family’s future through our simple, easy-to-use, and on-the-go application.

Your family deserves the best milk for their health, growth and nutrition. With Mr. Milk, you can be assured of pure, fresh, and unadulterated milk, every morning. All our milk and milk products come from our very own 85-acre farm, located near Lonavala. This helps us control the quality of the milk, and boost the happiness quotient of our cows.

Our Farm - A Paradise for our Cows
☆ Treated with lots of love, care, and pampering
☆ Only pure breed Desi Cows (Sahiwal and Gir)
☆ 85-acre farm near Lonavala with all latest technologies and facilities
☆ Lots of green and open spaces
☆ Home-grown fodder as per nutritionist recommendations
☆ Musical environment to elevate their mood
☆ Nurtured just like family

Key Features of Mr. Milk:
☆ No hormones and preservatives
☆ Fully automated milking process
☆ Untouched by human hands
☆ Collected from our own hi-tech farm
☆ Numerous health benefits
☆ Pure and natural A2 milk with A2 protein
☆ Lots of calcium for strong teeth and bones
☆ Doorstep delivery within 24 hours of milking

Our Process
1. Selection of the best breed cows
2. Brought to our own hi-tech farm
3. Given the best home-grown fodder
4. Nurtured with love, care and a happy environment
5. Fully automated milking parlour
5. Zero adulteration, no hormones or additives
6. Delivered fresh, to your doorstep

Key Features of our App:
✓Easy Login
Download our app and login within a few seconds with OTP. Once you register your mobile number with us, all communication is fast, simple, and easy.

✓Simple Purchase
Whether you want to order milk, order Paneer, or order Ghee, you can simply add products to your basket in the app. The interface is user-friendly and simple, making your experience smooth and satisfactory on the app.

✓Flexible Delivery Patterns
We give our customers complete freedom to choose your delivery pattern. You can opt for everyday online milk delivery, choose alternate day delivery, or select the days you’d like to order Paneer or order Ghee from the app. No matter what you choose, you can be assured of the purest and freshest products, within 24 hours.

✓Pause/Resume Subscriptions
Heading for a vacation with your family? You can always pause the monthly Mr. Milk subscription and resume it once you’re back. Our billing tracker will ensure hassle-free deductions for the days you have paused the online milk delivery. You can also change the quantity of milk, anytime.

✓Check Your History
You can always check your order details on the app for any references. Your account will have complete information about the products and dates when you order milk, or our other products.

✓Secure Online Payments
Worried about the cash payment to the doodhwala? Not anymore! With Mr. Milk’s app, you can look forward to secure online payments, without any mistakes or miscalculations. The entire process is automated for 100% security and assurance.

We look forward to serving you the best A2 Desi Cow Milk, Paneer and Ghee. Download our app today and gear up for a healthy and nutritious lifestyle!

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