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Mr Spy 2 - Bullet Trigger Shot


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Latest Version

NameMr Spy2 APK
Version0.3.2 (108)
UpdatedJan 22, 2020
DeveloperBough Studios
CategoryGames, Casual

Mr Spy 2 - Bullet Trigger Shot Game

Mr Spy comes back with roguelike gameplay! Who's the new Bullet Time Master now!

The totally new shooting developing system are just going to help Mr Spy start a totally new shooting adventure! Less talk, more bullet! It’s time to destroy mafia world!

Game Features:

This time, Mr spy has to battle with mafia that hiding in infinite procedurally assembled combinations of levels. Each shooting adventure is unique: new bullet, new puzzles, new spy enemies and new abilities! Permanent death means once Mr spy died, everything is gone!
Make your choice of the ability you need, build your power system thoughtfully, fight the death now!

Bullet Time Version 2
Bullet time v2 empowers Mr spy to defeat enemies more effectively. As Mr spy’s enemies, Mr bullet, johnny trigger and the underworld mafia get stronger, Mr spy also made a breakthrough about bullet time. Extreme doge will empower Mr spy to ignore the bullet shooting from Mr bullet, johnny trigger and all the other mafia or evil force.

Pull the Trigger
If you were a regular spy, with one shot, one gun, what it takes to take down the underground world of mafia, would you pull the trigger? Tired of spy games? This time, Mr spy is going to be a sniper hero and a real assassin. Honor the promise made, defeat Mr trigger and Mr gun, and give an end to the shooting games now!

New Powers
Each adventure is unique in Mr Spy 2. Levels change as your choices! Keep exploring the ever-changing dungeons, unlock new bullets, guns, gears and shooting abilities! Every change makes you unique and powerful. Step into the unknown areas, turn down the sealing and gain new powers.

Time to start the new shooting adventure again! Are you in or not?!
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