Mseeker APK

Mseeker is classic minesweeper game with new good interface.

Version0.4 (4)
UpdatedNov 28, 2019 (8 months ago)
CategoryGames, Puzzle

The Minesweeper's goal is to uncover all mines-free squares.

Before you begin, you need to know how the game actually works.
It's actually quite simply.
When you click on a square, you get a number.
This is the number of mines surrounding it.
If you find the mine, you can open more areas by opening the "unopened" squares around it.

When the game first starts, click the four squares in the corner.
This will open a good amount of blocks (95% of the time)
Mark all mines that are downright open. It's obviously a mine, like the eight 1 surrounding an unopened square.
Then start finding mines around the other numbers, as shown in the illustration below.

Be careful. Only open blocks that you know are safe.
Have fun!

Email: info@otoly.com

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