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AppsMulti Tiger Hero Anti-Terrorist Mission APK
DeveloperLalafy Studio - Shooting and Parking Games /
Version1.0 (7)
UpdatedAug 02, 2019 (8 months ago)
Release dateMay 07, 2019 (11 months ago)
Installs1 M+

Play as multi tiger heroes & fight against terrorist mafia with lightning powers

Underworld mafia and criminal terrorists are creating chaos and anarchy in 3D fantasy city. Vegas city police is completely failed to control these mafia terrorists. In Multi Tiger Hero Anti-Terrorist Mission you need to become an anti terrorist squad with the help of your fellow animal tiger all the way from dark forest. Mutant tiger heroes will start city survival and city rescue mission against the terrorist organizations. Multi tiger heroes aka combo tiger superhero will start final battle against crime city gangsters and grand drug dealers. With flying superhero tiger we are giving you the opportunity to play as multi tiger superhero in a mad mafia game.

Multi Tiger Hero vs Crime City Gangsters:
The rival gangs and terrorists are actively doing the criminal activities. Go and save your open world city environment wisely with tiger hero city rescue. Start your city survival mission with Super hero multi tiger anti-terrorist squad tiger hero stealth mission is much addictive adventurous superhero fighter 3d game where you will enjoy real fighting adventure like a multi heroic warrior. Your duty is in this challenging rescue mission superhero survival battle is that you have to find and kill all terrorist criminals and robbers who want to destroy the peace of your modern city. Flying multi tiger hero vs super villains frontline super anti-terrorist squad mission provides several interesting and addictive city rescue challenges with combo tiger superhero city fighter. Download now superhero stealth mission game with multi tiger hero anti-terrorist mission and enjoy the city battle and as anti terrorist tiger hero.

Tiger Heroes City Rescue Mission:
Multi tiger heroes have special fire attack and lightning speedster attack power with tiger light hero twist. So super amazing action flying tiger superheroes survival skills will be tested against crime city mafia gang. It's time to take out your super action skills out and be a real flying tiger hero stealth mission and take charge of the city battle. Grand city gangsters are active and criminal robbery rate is high and city people are in danger and criminal activities are at its peak. Tiger heroes will attack to the city gangsters with full hidden electrifying and tiger speed hero powers. Survive the epic battles and try to complete all the tasks. Drive and chase down your terrorists on car and bike with multi tiger hero city battle 2019. After playing this action packed superhero fighting game you will surely enjoy the whole scenario of champion rescue fighter game in multi tiger hero city fighter.

Features in Multi Tiger Hero Anti-Terrorist Mission:

↗ Multi tiger superheroes with lighting speedster fighting powers.
↗ Challenging & thrilling city battle missions.
↗ Fighting, survival & rescue against criminal gangster.
↗ Eye catching best quality ultra HD & 3D graphics.
↗ Marvelous super action skills for grand city battle.
↗ Open world crime city environment.

Multi Tiger Hero Anti-Terrorist Mission APK