Multiple image files or photos to PDF converter. APK

Multiple image files or photos to PDF converter.


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Version12.8 (118)
UpdatedOct 04, 2021
DeveloperArypex Initiative
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Multiple image files or photos to PDF converter. App

Convert your image files or photos to PDF format. High quality, small file size.

Convert a whole folder of images to PDF with one click, or choose individual images in desired order. Very small PDF file size while preserving high image quality! Great for students. Excellent for seniors/people not accustomed to mobile apps. Handy for converting photos to PDF due to the automatic orientation detection. Great for creating PDF cartoons or comics out of image files. Perfect for students to use with the classroom app!

- Converts multiple images to PDF in the order you select them
- Easy enough for EVERYONE to use
- Great for converting large amounts of photos, turn a folder of photos to PDF
- Choose several folders for converting JPG to PDF
- You can shut off your screen or put app to background while work is done
- Protect your PDF with password
- Very small PDF size with good image quality
- Does not require internet to work
- No hidden costs or limitations
- Can be used to convert WEBP and PNG to PDF

EasyPDF is a very simple PNG/WEBP/GIF/TIFF/JPG to PDF converter to combine multiple image files into one PDF file. Convert whole image folder or individual images to PDF, choose desired quality and go. Maximum quality results in a larger PDF size, reduced quality to a very small file size. While the PDF is being created, you can put app in background or turn off screen. You can also choose low image quality to convert JPG files to PDF fast and effectively compressed.

EasyPDF image converter app has a very easy user interface. Just add pictures and run to combine multiple images or image folder to PDF. Using this JPG/PNG/WEBP to PDF converter you find that there is nothing to make things difficult. In time, extra features will be added according to what users request.

This PDF converter has been made to be as easy and fast as possible to convert multiple images to PDF. Easy to use and most simple JPG to PDF converter on Google play!

APK: EinfachPDF, EasyPDF, FácilPDF, 简易 PDF

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