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Funny math: add, subtract, multiply and divide - all in one application!

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Math shouldn’t be boring anymore! "Multiplication table: funny math" is a new math brain game to train and test your mind. Learn how to add, subtract, divide and multiply, and also study and improve multiplication table– all in one app! Just several minutes a day spent practicing will enhance your knowledge of arithmetic. Play, boost your math skills and become the ultimate Math Master!

Work out with four arithmetic game modes which will help you become the math master:

Learning. Take your time to study flashcards and get acquainted with basic arithmetic concepts like times tables. Learn each card visually before you enter arithmetic quizzes.

Practice. Choose out of four educational math games to learn addition, subtraction, multiplication and learn division. Then select the difficulty mode you want to start your arithmetic practice with. The rules of these educational math games are simple - choose the correct answer out of four suggested variants. If you need help or you want to learn a math trick for addition or subtraction use special hints. The better you perform the more challenging it gets.

Take an exam with math quiz for kids. When you’re sure that you’ve learned an operation take an Exam to test your skills. Solve tasks before time runs out.

Statistics. Go to the Stats to track your learning progress.

Features which help you increase your brain power:

- Learn basic math operations: multiplication, division, addition and subtraction
- Three game modes to practice your math skills: learning, practice and exam
- Times tables flash cards 1 to 10 and multiplication quiz
- Solve various math equations with mathematics puzzle games
- The difficulty level adjusts your progress which helps to learn math for kindergarteners
- Math tricks in addition and subtraction to calculate faster
- Great math training for kids to make first steps in learning math
- Fun way for adults to test their knowledge of arithmetic: have a contest with your child and see who knows the math better!
- Endless game play. Go back to any learning stage whenever you want.
- The difficulty level increases as the player achieves success in solving tasks

Spend your free time with benefit!

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