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This app teaches multiplication tables. Suits Tablets and Phones.Always Popular.

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UpdatedAug 20, 2018 (2 years ago)
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This free app will work on android TABLETS and PHONES.

Multiplication Tables is a slightly more advanced program to teach multiplication. The program has been downloaded by users of 10 inch and 7 inch tablets together with a range of mobile phones.

The program contains:

a] multiplication tables – multiplying the numbers: “1”; “2”; “3”, “4”; “5”; “6”; “7”; “8”; “9”; “10”; “11” and “12”. Each of the tables are accessible by menu; are revealed progressively; and will remain on the screen so the user can continue their study until they choose to return to the menu;

b] Tests for each of the tables contained in the app;

c] A short mental exercise to test user recall and knowledge – all calculations are randomly generated;

d] A scored test to indicate knowledge and accuracy;

e] No Sound – for use in environments where sound maybe unsuitable;

This program is suited for:

a] Older Students, adults, and the elderly seeking to maintain mental acuity;

b] Students who do not require sound to learn;

c] All learning settings including: school classroom, tutoring sessions, and at home.

d] Phones and tablets - tested on several phones above 4" and tablets of 7" and 10".

Regular use of this app will help users in their tests and exams.

For younger children we suggest the sister application from Australiabiznet which is sold under the branding of "Billy ‘n’ Britny". The sister application: has sound; contains basic exercises; fewer tables [ up to “9”]; and more basic testing activities.

Due to market demand this app is being offered on a FREE basis and no longer includes advertising.

While we hope this app is entertaining we have developed this app to be more educational than an educational game. Importantly, understanding this app will help with multiplication apps, multiplication games and other primary games.

Email: account23@australiabiznet.com.au

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