Multiword Extractor LK APK

Extract the most important groups of words from a text

Version3.0 (30)
UpdatedDec 06, 2017 (3 years ago)
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It extends the analysis of keywords to multiword terms

The Multiword extractor of Linguakit extracts the most important groups of words from a text. It extends keyword search to multi-terms in order to issues that require more than one word to express themselves and classifies them according to their degree of internal cohesion.

Try it in Spanish, Galician, Portuguese and English and analyzes thousands of texts in a fast and easy way.

Linguakit is a web plataform integrated by a package of linguistic tools in order to analyze and extract information from a text in different languages. Enjoy this language kit in its web version and on your smartphone by downloading the mobile applications.

Choose from download an application with all the tools or, if you prefer, download a single application for each module: summarizer, corrector, word frequency, sentiment analyzer, keyword extractor, multiword extractor, name entity recognizer, part of speech taggig or syntactic analyzer.

Linguakit allows you to perform five daily anonymous uses, but if you register on the website, you can enjoy up to 100 free consultations per month in both its web version as in mobile applications.

To register for free

1.- Just enter on linguakit.com and click on "register" (https://linguakit.com/register).
2.- Complete the form and immediately receive by email a message to confirm us your registration*. Click on the link inside it and you become a user of Linguakit.
* You only have 24 hours from we have sent you the email to confirm your registration.

For more information, comments, suggestions, etc., write to info@linguakit.com or enter on Linguakit.com.

Email: info@linguakit.com

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