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MUNA. Astrology and Numerology will help you to efficiently plan your days and avoid unfavorable moments. It offers daily horoscopes, moon phase calendar and prediction. You can easily check your lucky day number and evaluate your biorhythm level for a certain date. Make the most of your everyday potential with MUNA.

Daily Horoscope
The everyday prediction will give you a hint on what events await you on this day and how to avoid troubles that you would not want to face today. You will receive recommendations on whether it is worth carrying out any activity today and what should be postponed to a more suitable time. Our horoscope will interpret to you all the nuances of nature of the energies coming from the planets every day.

Moon Phase Calendar
Different phases of the moon have different effects on the environment and people. You can check the current Moon phase as well as get the month calendar. It is easy to find out the phase of the moon on a certain date using our online program that shows the phases of the moon for any period of time. The change of the Moon phases is important for everyone, from gardeners to investors.

Moon Phase Prediction
When the phases of the Moon change, it has a big effect on a person. The moon has four phases. They are called quarters. The position and phase of the moon in the sky allow you to predict important events, luck, emotions and even the state of human health. The application will give an everyday moon phase prediction. You will see the name of the Moon phase and the sign of the Zodiac where the Moon is located at that moment.

Opportunity Calendar
The calendar of successful days shows when the Moon comes into a favorable or unfavorable position in a certain area of life. Using the calendar, you can keep track of the days when you are more likely to achieve success. Every day may have a notification warning what activity should be prioritized: Love, Lucky etc The small hints will help you to the most beneficial dates to solve the most difficult issues, start a business and so on.

Lucky Day Number
Numerology believes human life proceeds through a change of nine-year, nine-month, and nine-day cycles. Each day, month or year has its own number, and therefore its inherent energy. So it is important not only to determine the number of birth but also know at what point in the annual, monthly and daily cycle you are. The personal number of the day changes daily, every nine days a cycle changes, but all the changes do not occur on a global level, but on the level of current affairs and emotions. However, skillfully distributing energy, you can, if necessary, feed on it, using the vibration of the day.

Open the world of astrology and numerology with MUNA

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