Solve a murder mystery! Journey through a hidden-object adventure!


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Jul 5, 2022

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Murder by Choice GAME

Experience a fully interactive murder mystery adventure set in the present day! Journey through a mysterious tropical island filled with hidden objects, secrets, and MURDER!️‍ 🔍 Put your detective skills to the test - search for clues, gather evidence and find out who is behind the horrific crime!

The adventure begins when Carla Page, a young journalist, receives an unexpected invitation from billionaire Ruben Navarro to join his yearly private party on a tropical island. ✈️ Upon arrival, Carla finds herself surrounded by some of the world's wealthiest, most influential people—and directly in the path of the worst storm of the year. But being unable to escape the bad weather will be the least of her problems as a mysterious murder occurs moments after setting foot on shore. 🕵 Carla puts on her detective’s hat and dives deep to solve the crime, but with each new clue discovered only more questions appear. Carla soon finds out that murder is not the only secret kept on this island. 🤫

What will you do to catch the murderer:

📕 Make choices that matter and shape how the story unfolds!

🕵 Investigate crime scenes and use your detective senses to uncover every secret and clue.

🔍 Search & find hidden objects in stunning scenes.

🧩 Solve unique mini-games and brain-twisting puzzles.

🏝️ Explore the island and discover the beautiful and unique art style! ️

Search, find, and unravel every secret in a journey across a murder mystery hidden objects adventure like no other! Do not let the murderer escape! 😎

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