Without equipment, you can strengthen your muscles and tighten your body at home


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Feb 5, 2021

Muscle Training & Fitness Exercises APP

Want to build muscles, build up and keep fit? Try men's family fitness: professional fitness applications provide aerobic exercise, compact body, enhance physical strength, without any equipment, you can practice six abdominal muscles at home.

A free personal trainer offers a daily exercise program for the major muscle groups in your body. In just a few minutes a day, you can build your muscles and build your body at home without going to the gym at all. All the movements can be done with your own weight, without any equipment or fitness coach.

We offer daily exercise programs for different muscle groups, covering all parts of the body. You can customize your daily exercise in different levels.

Male family fitness: professional fitness application focuses on five muscle groups:

*Arm exercises

*Chest exercise

*Abdominal exercise

*Leg muscle exercise

*Shoulder & back exercise

Each movement includes animation and video guidance, as well as detailed action description, so that you can maintain the most correct posture and get the best training results. The sports include:

*Abdominal roll

*Open close jump

*Push ups

*Plate support



*Sit ups


All sports are designed by experts to ensure scientific and effective. No gym, no coach. Men's home fitness version: professional fitness application is your personal trainer to help you exercise muscles and lose weight at home. If you want to have strong chest muscles, strong arms and six abdominal muscles, but rarely go to the gym, this app is perfect for you.

The intensity of exercise will gradually increase. Your personal trainer suggests exercising at least three days a week to get better results. You can also set weekly goals to motivate yourself to achieve better fitness results.

With this most effective home fitness app, you can build up your muscles and build a lean, compact body in just a few minutes a day without using equipment. Strong arms, strong chest muscles, six abdominal muscles... As long as you follow our family fitness program and develop good exercise habits, these are no longer dreams!


*Cycle training to improve muscle strength

*Exercise your muscles, lose weight and get a tight figure

*Custom exercise reminder

*Custom daily exercise

*Automatically record training progress

*Charts record weight changes

*Animation and video guidance, as well as detailed action description
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