The first app of Mushroom Garden series is revived with HG graphics!


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Feb 22, 2016
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Mushroom Garden HD GAME

[About the Sound]
The sound of the app is dependent on the sound setting of the device. Please check the sound setting and play.
1. if the sound is not played, please try to turn off the silent mode.
2. there are some types of sound setting such as "media", "alarm", etc. Please adjust the sound setting for app and play.

We deeply apologize about the situation and appreciate your understanding.


nnf nnf! (surpassed 40 million download in series!)
The first app of "Mushroom Garden" series is revived with HG graphics!

Grow and Harvest Funghi. Simple yet addicting element is as it is, the app became more comfortable to play!
New features are added so not only the new players but also players who have played this app can enjoy!!
Of course there are no in-app purchases!

5 new features in "Mushroom Garden HD"!

▶New rare Funghi that only grow in this App
New rare FUnghi is added to the Library and now there is 60 kinds of Funghi in this app!
Let's find the undiscovered Funghi!

▶Enhanced "Excitement of Harvesting"
Brilliant graphics and animation increased the excitement of harvesting!
Swipe the screen and harvest all jiggling Funghi!

▶Rare Funghi are adjusted to grow easily
Appearance ratio of some rare Funghi are adjusted!!
If you haven't completed the Library before, now is the chance!!

▶Added BGM
BGM is newly added!
Life of harvesting Funghi will become more fun!!

▶Save Data restoration system is added
Now "Mushroom Garden" has the Save Data Restoration system!!
You can restore your data when you have changed your devices.

*** What is "Mushroom Garden"? ***
The first genuine mushroom-growing sim which surpassed 40 million download over the series.
Grow the cute Funghi and harvest by the single swipe, it is the simple and convenient app.

● FAQ and Inquiry

● "Mushroom Garden HD" / "Mushroom Garden Seasons HD" special site

● Funghi Paradise:NAMEKO official Website

● Let's follow "Funghi" and "BEEWORKS GAMES"!!

This app is available in following languages: Japanese, English, traditional Chinese, Korean, Thai, Indonesian
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