Chinese webnovel listen smoothly, massive songs, search your favorite.


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May 13, 2018
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Music FM | Free Music Online Player APP

[main function]
* recording function,
* voice upload,
* voice search,
* album search,
* user search,
* single loop, sequential play, random play, a variety of play mode

* WuXiaWorld,Chinese webnovel listen smoothly,
* massive audio, search your favorite,
* Sound recording, sound upload, no registration, Custom and sharing you own audio novel,
* The same account can log on multiple devices and share the data in real time,
* Share albums and share your interests,
* many classification, audio novels, comic storytelling, children's literature, foreign language learning, news, finance, health, funny scripts, radio drama, occupation skill and so on several types of massive high-definition audio reading resources.
* the interface is simple and orderly structure of all the interface and operation is to listen to the design, no extra function, old people and children can quickly get started.
* completely free,
* album, anchor, sound, one key collection,

The application can be supported by the network.
The cost of the Internet should be paid by the customer.
WIFI is recommended.
For more details, please contact us.
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