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A must for music fans: swipe your favorite artists and music.

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UpdatedNov 28, 2019 (7 months ago)
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Swipe. Listen. Discover. Enjoy. Music Roulette Radio is simple and fun: a swipe to the right to select the artist and a swipe to the left to reject them.
Based on your swipes, we then generate your personal radio station, which only plays the music that you've said you like.
Music Roulette is a radio app that lets you set your musical tastes based on the most popular artists of the moment.
Music Roulette starts by creating a radio mix based on your swipes. These mixes are simply playlists that you compile by indicating whether you like listening to the bands or singers that come up on your screen. Once you have done this, the app automatically selects suitable songs. This is a great opportunity to get to know new music and artists that you may have never heard before.
After you've selected your favorites, the app learns your musical tastes and put together a personalized radio just for you. No two radios will be the same.
And, when it's time to add more artists to your likes, just start swiping again. Whenever you're in the mood for something different.
A must for music fans: swipe your favorite artists and music.
If you particularly like an artist, you can even have a radio station with just that artist.
Every artist is linked to CLiGGO MUSIC, allowing you to find even more music and suitable artists.
So start swiping and creating your own personalized music radio station.
Music Roulette is a brilliant program for streaming music over the Internet.

The app is free of charge and offers the following options:
• playlists with additional information about songs and performers
• artist-specific radio stations
• commercial-free
• intuitive and easy-to-use
• access to the CLiGGO MUSIC database with over 30 million titles
• play music in the background and even when your screen goes dark
• connect to CLiGGO MUSIC to view performer profiles as well as other tracks, albums, concerts, playlists. and much more
• continuous updates to the app to expand the music and features on offer

Choose from the following artists:
David Guetta
Ed Sheeran
Green Day
The Rolling Stones
System of a Down
Michael Jackson
Depeche Mode
The Beatles
The Weeknd
Bon Iver
David Bowie
Queens of the Stone Age
Led Zeppelin
Johnny Cash
The Killers
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Calvin Harris
Kings of Leon
The Cure
The xx
Major Lazer
Linkin Park
Florence + the Machine
Bob Dylan
Pink Floyd
Lana Del Rey
Robin Schulz
Daft Punk
Bruce Springsteen
Imagine Dragons
The White Stripes
Foo Fighters

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