My Battery Monitor APK

Monitors Your Device Battery

Version1.55 (155)
UpdatedMar 04, 2020 (4 months ago)
DeveloperHagay Goshen
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Gain back control on your battery.

This app tracks every % change of your battery.
Every change is kept in internal database.
You can see the change rate over time and get a feel on how you use your battery.

Every row shows :

1.Date & time (month , day of month , hour ,minutes seconds) of the event
2.%/h , compares the battery level on previous event to current one and time elapsed and the result is % changes per hour.

2%/h means average of % change very half hour.
0.5%/h means % change every 2 hours and so on.

3.% - Battery level .
4.Awake - % of the time from previous row that the phone CPU was on and screen was off. (lower is better)
5.Sleep - % of the time from previous row that phone CPU was in deep sleep (higher is better)
6.Screen on time from previous row.
7.Temperature of the battery.

App can also show the real time ampere flow on your device (if supported by your device).
The app will try to detect your battery capacity (if it cant, you can set it manually on settings) and it will show your current real time %/h power usage.

After the app gather enough data , it can show you estimates for stand by time and screen on usage based on data collected.

App also has a simple widget that you can use to see ampere flow , %/h and battery temp on your home screen.

You can also see how fast is your charger using the real time data or the app % log.

Please notice , in order for the % tracking to work , the app has background service which is required to get notified by android for battery % change.

This app doesn't claim to help with your battery life/drain or what ever , it is just a good tool to monitor your battery life and deep sleep/screen on data.

Have fun , and if you have any questions ideas feel free to submit them.

Email: hg40005000@gmail.com

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