My Book Manager (Book Library) APK

A book library of your own. There are original special features.

Version1.0.1 (4)
UpdatedMar 01, 2015 (6 years ago)
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This app organize a personal book catalog.

The main features are the following.
・Easy to find books you [do not have].
・Using unlimited folders, You can easily manage a lot of books.
・The input of the letter is not approximately necessary.
・Provides the ease and enjoyment of use superb.

●Easy to find books you [do not have].
This app search for books in internet and displays it [registered] on registered books.
Judge immediately whether it is a registered book.
So you can find books you do not have.
Can prevent that you buy the same book twice too.

●Create folders freely.
There is no limit.
Subfolders in the folder can create any number.
I recommend to person that have a lot of books.
It is like a bookshelf, but more convenient to organize.

●The input of the letter is not approximately necessary.
Search for books by ranking.
It is a ranking with your own.
On the search screen comes with a ranking of number of books.
[About Top50]
You can easily search for the author of the book well you have a lot, you can simply choose from the list.
The input of the letter is not approximately necessary.

●Add books by 4 ways
1) Scan Barcode.
2) Entering an ISBN number.
3) Entering Keyword.
4) Entering Manually.
The barcode scanning has continuous mode,
You can also register several books at a time.

●A lot of ways for sorting
You can combine the field of 17 kinds.
You can freely set Order of field.
(Folder is always aligned to the top of the list.)

●Mode, Memo
Mode can be set below.
 [Plan to buy][Unread][Have Read]
Freely character can also be input.
For example「Buy more」
You can also search.

●Open Google Books prevew
Press [Preview] button, you can open the [Google Books Preview] page.
You can also see reviews.

●Backup, Restore
Export the data to CSV format.

●This app uses a Google Books Search.
If you do not come out in the search can be manually input.
Amazon search is not available in Terms.

●Premium service
It allows ads to hide.
There is also a free option.

It is the help to look for a new book to read.
Book you do not read in that author?
It is a very useful app for you.

It is managed originally.

・This app takes advantage of the "QR Code Scanner" app to scan barcode.
This app has been downloaded more than 100 million times.
If you want to manage only the books of Japan, please use [蔵書マネージャー(Zousyo Manager)].

Rakuten Books Search is used, so contents are different, but it is the same operability mostly.
03-02-2015 Ver1.0.1
・The way of calculation of the number of books of the folder was changed.
・"Settings" was divided into "Basic" "Advanced".
02-05-2015 Ver1.0.0

Email: info@bsy-web.com

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