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App allows clinic / hospital owners manage patients & amounts via web / mob app

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UpdatedApr 01, 2017 (3 years ago)
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Clinic Management System is computer software and mobile application product that coordinate and integrate all the inherent activities involved in the management and running of a healthcare facility.

This systems maintain the complete Patient Information coupled with the Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Follow-ups and meeting the stipulated security, technology & functional standards.

Clinic Management System is created to computerize manual operations in clinics. The primary purpose is to digitize patient records so as to make data retrieval easy and efficient. Being in the digital form, patient data can be conveniently shared and accessed by multiple simultaneous users at different locations, resulting in smoother clinical operations and collaboration among clinicians. It also means that patient data can be easily backed up, and be protected for confidentiality and from tampering through access control.

Economically, clinics benefit from constant cost savings as a result of increased productivity and overall efficiency. Essentially, everyone in the clinic benefits from the system – doctor, administrator/clinic owner and , medical store which makes their lives easy and removes unnecessary human errors from their daily activities.

With this application you can Add Patient Record on patient visit, Set Follow-ups for next call revisit the clinic if needed, Get the details of each day records (Statistics), crete Users Account (Add Users), Manage their access (Activate/Deactivate), Edit Personal and Edit Clinic Information if the admin/owner has logged in.

Start using the application with following the below steps;
1. Create Account/Sign Up
Create an account in Clinic Management System with an easy steps. Enter the Admin/Owner name, email, phone and Clinic/Hospital name. Once the required information is filled, the system sends an email to verify email id. Once the email id is verified, you are good to go. You can manage your operations from mobile or use the online tool.

2. Login
Before Login user must have verified email id. If the application being used for the first time, then the user need to Login with the help of email id as username and phone number as a password. The password can be changed once logged in an application.

3. Add Patient Record
This is patient's visit information. Here Patient personal information, Doctor to whom patient visited, Visit Reason and Fees Paid is entered.

4. View Patient Records
This page will list down the recently added patient records. Scroll upward to load more data. Search the records by First Name or Last Name and Visit Date.

5. View Statistics
This page will list down the summary of total patients visited and total fees received. Clinic Management System has more items to showcase on the online tool.

6. Follow-ups
This page will list down the patient called for Follow-ups. Follow-ups to the patient can be only given from Patients Visit Record Detail Page.

7. Add User
Only Admin/Owner can add the system users/employees. The user can be a Doctor, Receptionist or a Medical Store Keeper. Different forms are available for Doctors and the other user.

8. View Users
Only Admin/Owner can view the system users/employees. He can enable or disable his account and hence access to the system.

Email: honey.computing.india@gmail.com

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