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Feb 21, 2024
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My Dreams: Self Improvement APP

■ We all want to be in control of our life instead of drifting along
■ We want to know what our Goals in life are and have Plan to achieve them
■ We want to feel Energetic, Positive, Confident and Successful in all areas of our life

✔️ My Dreams – Self Improvement app is dedicated to help you achieve your life goals and dreams!

🧍 Invest In Your Self Improvement
The most important thing to do as you wake up, is to think how to improve yourself Today.
Stick to it daily, and this will eventually improve your life.
Self Improvement can be for your Body, Career, Finance, Mind, Social life, Personality or Skills.

Select your Tracks
Start by choosing which areas of your life you want to improve by selecting the tracks that are most important to you. The app will provide you with actions carefully hand-picked by our experts that will lead you to success on the selected tracks.

🎮 Gamify your Self Improvement journey
Self Improvement can be fun! Don't put pressure on yourself, just enjoy the simple actions you receive daily. Complete what you want from the list. Each completed action rewards you with coins, stars, and surprise bonuses!

👍 Daily Actions
"My Dreams – Self Improvement" app automatically provides you with simple daily actions that help you to improve in the selected areas and develop the right habits.
Once you start performing these small daily actions you will start feeling great about yourself and it will inspire more personal growth and motivation to keep going.

💰💎 Receive Rewards
Receive coins and stars for each completed action, earn trophies by taking part in the weekly leader board, receive surprise rewards for making progress on your path to Personal Growth.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Get Social
Humans are social creatures, and you are not alone in this process of reaching your full potential.
Meet many other like-minded people who are working on their Self Improvement in different areas.
Read news on great progress that other users are experiencing, like and comment, share your own achievements with others.

👍 Challenge Yourself
Join 7 Day challenges that are designed to build great habits that create fundament for your success.
Complete challenges daily and enhance your personality and build life changing habits!
Track your progress during the challenge and get rewarded at the end of the challenge based on your effort.

Here are few examples of the challenges:
🔥 Reading Challenge
🔥 Make your bed Challenge
🔥 Set your goal for the next day Challenge
🔥 Plank Challenge
🔥 Meditation Challenge
🔥 Go to sleep early Challenge
🔥 Make strong eye contact Challenge
🔥 No screens Challenge
🔥 Walking Challenge
🔥 Jump rope Challenge
🔥 No sugary drinks Challenge

📜 Receive daily quotes
To keep you motivated, the app provides daily quote that will resonate with your path to success.
It will guide you like a Success Coach to make the best out of each day.

💗 Self Help
The only way to achieve your life goals and dreams is by improving yourself and by becoming the best version of yourself. It can be only done by You, but this app makes all the hard work behind the scenes to make it amazingly simple for you to develop your personality.
Give it a try – and you won't regret it.

😁 It's so easy to start!
This app has no registration screen, no setup, no payment (it's FREE), so no excuses for not trying to improve your life!

Hurry up!! Download our Self Improvement app, get your own Life Coach and join Thousands who already improve their lives and achieve life goals

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