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Version14.0 (14)
UpdatedFeb 09, 2021
DeveloperMy Manager Pro
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My Manager-Account(Khata), Expenses, Tasks, Remind app

Best way to manage daily expenses, schedules, accounts and to-do work on time.

My Manager is the application to make user more organised in terms of managing accounts, daily expenses, reminders, task(time) scheduler and personal notes. We have introduced five modules and many more to come in future.

1. Account Manager

Account Manager also known as Cash Book, Ledger Account Book helps in managing Khata Book for small business and Lenden app. Cash Book and Debit Credit App is used by Okcredit for Udhar Khata and customer account app. Cash Book is also called Lenden or Hisab Kitab Daily. Khata Book is your own Hisab Book and Jama Udhar. Ledger Book helps in entering Credit and Debit records.
Ledger Book is also called Len Den. Len Den Khata manages Debit Credit and customer account. Hisab Kitab(Hisab Book) is keeping credit debit app in Cash Book. Hisab Diary also helps in Khata Book and acts as Vasool Book. Okcredit uses Cash Book(Debit Credit App) daily. Vasool Diary and Len Den are needed for account management.
Hisab Kitab and Vasooli Manager performs Ledger Account Book very well. Hisab Kitab helps business to manage customer account. Len Den also learns from Hisab Kitab.
Ledger Account Book is new Debit Credit App. Debit Credit Note Book helps to enter Debit Credit in Debit Credit App.
Hisab Kitab works with Lenden to manage Udhar Khata. Lenden and Hisab Kitab work on Ledger Book or Cash Book. Hisab Kitab calls Cash Book as Hisab Diary. Cash Book is Hisab Diary. Hisab Diary is used by Len Den Khata for managing Debit Credit Note Book
*Jama Udhar easily.
*Send Payment Reminders for customer account app.
*Tally your Ledger Account Book.
*Manage your Khata Book by this Cash Book.
Below are some other regional names and their respective regions.
North India
Vasool Diary, Daily Vasool App, Bahi Khata Offline, Khata Ledger, Hisab Likhne wali diary, Hisab Kitab Daily, Udhar Loan
West India
Ugharani Chukavani, Jama Udhar Gujarati, Jama Udhar Register, Leva Deva, Levad Devad, Udhari Book, Len Den Diary
South India
Ledger Balance, Petty Cash Book, Simple Debit Credit Accounting App, Debit Credit Accounting Ledger, MyManager

2. Expense Manager
The #1 financial planning, review, expense tracking, and personal asset management app for Android!
Easily record your personal and business financial transactions, generate spending reports, review your daily, weekly and monthly financial data and manage your assets with Money Manager's spending tracker and budget planner.
Money Manager facilitates efficient asset management and accounting. It does not just record your money but deposits your money into your account as soon as your income is input and draws money from your account as soon as your expense is input. Budget and expense management function
* Transfer, direct debit and recurrence
Transfer between assets is possible, which makes your personal and business asset management more efficient. Manage salary, insurance, term deposit and loan more easily by setting automatic transfer and recurrence.
* Instant statistics
Based on the data entered, instantly see your expense by category and changes between each month. See the change of your assets and income/expense indicated by a graph as well and backup/restore is possible.

3. Remind me
Helps to remind - Daily Todo Tasks, Meetings, Homework and Assignments, Business Appointments, Taking Medication/Pills, Paying Bills, Policy renewals, Important Calls, Birthdays, Anniversaries and many more.
- Easy and quick to set reminders.
- Customise your reminder in your own way with repeat options minute, hour, daily, weekly, monthly, weekdays, yearly.
- Can set in-advance alerts.
- Can choose reminder alert as Notification or Alarm.

4. Schedule Manager
★ For time-boxing / time blocking
★ As your routine manager
★ As your task reminder
★ As your student calendar
★ As your timetable planner
★ As your habit creation tool
★ As your productivity enhancer... and more!

5. Note Manager
- 3 in 1-Replace your to-do list, notepad and memos with this simple, all-in-one app.
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