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Feb 20, 2024

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My Name Ringtone Maker APP

My Name Ringtone Maker helps you to create the funny text ringtones with celebrity names and you may set them as your default/contact ringtones, alarm ringtones or notification tones. Get ready to laugh or have more fun every time you hear your ringtone with this My Name Ringtone Maker.

Change all the boring and default system ringtones, Customize your music gallery! So, next time your phone rings, hear a voice telling you to pick up your phone, a funny notification sound or any other text ringtones of your own choice with this Celebrity Funny Text Ringtone Maker, each time you get a new incoming call customized tone!

If you love to have some funny tones, you will definitely love to have this My Name Ringtone Maker. Personalize your phone with customized tones and be proud of your choice! Create your name ringtones and edit music mp3 files easily, we came with this free text ringtone maker app. Popular Name will become a part of your caller tune, when phone rings then your name caller tune will speak and plays the amazing voice ringtone maker.

You may choose from default text or give your own text and can create ringtones. Create your own name ringtone with Celebrity names which will give you more fun. For example, you can create "Call for you", “Please attend the call”, “Your Phone is ringing” and many more. In the same way, edit the existing songs from your music gallery and create your own tones.You can create your favorite lines from a song as your ringtone.

My Name Ringtone Maker offers you the funniest way to create own customized ringtones or mp3 edited ringtones for your phones and tablets. You can also share your customized ringtones via social network.

How to Use:
* Install and open My Name Ringtone Maker
* Add Prefix before your text/name
* Type your favorite name/celebrity name to be called when call receives
* You may play the tone for testing and listen to the tone
* Single Tap to save the button
* Now Set as default ringtone or Set as contact ringtone

App Features:
* Create innovative customized text tones and MP3 tones
* Choose from default text or give your desired text to create tones
* Amazing text ringtone app to create own desired Ringtones
* Create the ringtones as funny as you can with your desired names
* Add your own names or select from the given list of celebrity names
* It is very user friendly and efficient app
* Displays all list of created tones
* You can share ringtones on social networks

Disclaimer: My Name Ringtone Maker is developed only for fun and entertainment purpose.
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