Assign tasks to your children. Track progress. Reward your children.


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Dec 2, 2016
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You have the feeling that your kids don't contribute to the household? Your children think they don't get a benefit from that? Your family is poorly organized and nobody has an overview who needs to do what? You're asking yourself how to teach your children to get tasks done independently?

Then My Perfect Family will help you. Create tasks for your children. When your children completed a task, they get points. To motivate your children, you can create rewards. When your children collected enough points, they can get a reward. Also, you can always stay in touch with your whole family using our family chat.

My Perfect Family organizes your every day family life efficiently and transparently. You and your children can always see who has to do what. Your children can track how many points they still need to get a certain reward. Like that, they're always motivated. You teach your children day by day how to become self-responsible adults.
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