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An awesome “photo clock wallpaper app” with romantic rose pics!

✸ Time is of the essence, isn't it? Telling time is very important, so you can at least make your clock pretty with ♥ My Photo Clock Rose Live Wallpaper ♥! This is a phenomenal “photo clock widget” that allows you to put your very on image from the photo gallery directly to the “clock background wallpaper”! And if that's not enough, you will also have a gorgeous “red rose theme wallpaper” embellishing the picture you chose! This is a unique “live analog clock widget” everyone can enjoy no matter the age. So, come and download your new “analog clock live wallpaper” today and make checking the time more enjoyable! ♥ My Photo Clock Rose Live Wallpaper ♥ is without a doubt among the “best clock widgets for home screen” you can find.


Take a look what this “rose clock live wallpaper HD” offers to you:

✽ Select a “rose analog clock live wallpaper” to make your clock one of a kind!
✽ Add to the clock's beauty by applying a picture frame with spectacular rose petals of various colors!
✽ Sync your analog time widget to the digital one on your phone!
✽ Edit every feature separately and create a completely fresh clock design!
✽ Customize the clock hands, photo frames, background pictures, the ticking sound, and the overall appearance of the clock however you want!
✽ Check out a free preview of the clock before applying it permanently!
✽ Use the application effortlessly thanks to the simple interface it boasts!
✽ Bear in mind that this is a “live clock app” that tells real time and not just a still image!
✽ Leave a rating and a comment – our users' feedback is much appreciated!


✸ What time is it? It's time for you to give your cellphone a fresh new clock! If you want “clock wallpapers real time free” the only thing you need to do is hit that Download button! Marvelous roses will make any photo you apply as the clock background much more romantic. You can add a picture of your significant and adorn it with red rose petals to turn it into a true masterpiece! The image you have with him or her will always warm your heart when you check the time. That is just one possibility, but of course, there are countless ways to utilize this software. Let your imagination run wild and push your creativity to the limit!

✸ Roses are truly fascinating plants. That is why we chose them as the main decoration for ♥ My Photo Clock Rose Live Wallpaper ♥. The oldest rose is believed to be over 1000 years old and it's located in Germany. They have many colors – pink, red, white, yellow... However, contrary to popular belief, black is not one of them! It is just a very dark red color that appears black to the eye. There are, nevertheless, lots of kinds of roses. To be more precise, over 150! They have been used as a decoration for millennia. Even ancient Romans wore them on their necklaces.

✸ Come on and get this “my picture clock wallpaper” for free! This “rose images app” will make your phone prettier in a matter of seconds! ♥ My Photo Clock Rose Live Wallpaper ♥ is here for the taking and there is no need for you to wait! It is a “live rose wallpaper HD” that everyone can easily enjoy and use. Who wouldn't want a “beautiful clock live wallpaper” on their screen? Download now free of charge and make your clock and your entire device more charming!