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Come join Muslims from all around the globe this Ramadan with the help of this fully featured My Ramadan Planner app which consists of Prayer timings, Qibla direction. My Ramadan Planner is an innovative 30 days Ramadan planning. It has the relevant content which you can use as a go to place for learning in Ramadan and carry out all the important activities without any difficulty from anywhere you are.

My Ramadan Planner is a complete Ramadan App for Ramdan 2020. This app provides you daily learning Quotes, Hadith and many more. Also provides a way to check and balance your routine in Ramadan while giving you graphical reports to see your everyday achievements.
Ramadan Plan app is a combination of smart technology and beautiful design to help improve your user experience and make your Ramadan 2020 easy and joyable.

Ramadan Planner provides Ramadan Sehar and Iftar timing calendar, Quran, and Dua o Azkar. We provide the time table for Ramadan 2020 for all Muslims.

Our App is designed for individuals of all ages and backgrounds around the globe so that they can have the best Ramadan experience. We help them by maintaining a record of their activities during the day so they know what they have done and are able to complete all Islamic activities of the day with ease.
We make your Ramadan smooth by our App that has the following features:


This feature is a big part of our app as it helps you by evaluating your daily routine report during the month of Ramadan. We have specific questions for every activity that is compulsory for you to do during your fast. The number of prayers, Dua o Azkar, fasting, etc is all being recorded and questions are asked accordingly. This helps you in evaluating your deeds for the day and reminds you if you have missed out on anything.

Holy Quran

My Ramadan Planner App’s best feature is that it has The Holy Quran in it. You can recite the Holy Quran in the month of Ramadan from our app. You can also recite the Quran by Surah or by Para, whatever you think is best suitable for you. Reciting the Quran during the month of Ramadan 2020 is the best way to receive the blessings of Allah.

Dua O Azkar

With the help of our Dua o Azkar feature you will have the best collection of Duas to recite during Ramadan. Our app has a vast collection of Ramadan Duas, Salawat and Istighfar so that you can recite any Dua you want. You can recite any Dua anytime and anywhere using our app and continue your Ramadan activities without any hindrance.


My Ramadan Planner app has a very special feature that proves extremely beneficial for all the Muslims performing Fast and carrying out other activities which are an important part of your Fast. Our reports feature has complete reports for the Quran, Tasbeeh, Muhasba etc. This feature helps in keeping a track of your activities and the time you spend on every activity through the app. This helps you identify what you have missed out and helps you complete throughout the whole month of Ramadan.


We are greatly appreciative for all the supporting feedback we receive from Muslims each day from all around the globe. If our app has been beneficial to you in any way and you want to show us some love then please take a moment to help support us by rating My Ramadan Planner. JazakAllah Khair.

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