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NameMy Talking Parrot APK
Version1.2.8 (28)
UpdatedSep 04, 2021
DeveloperFunny Talking
CategoryApps, Entertainment

My Talking Parrot App

My Talking Parrot is a free talking game.

Download My Talking Parrot’s FREE and FUN app and enjoy yourself! He repeats, makes up his own sentences and fly!

Talk to Parrot: He repeats and invents his own sentences.
Parrot can repeat all the interesting sounds you say.
You can customize your favorite color decoration.
You can help parrots fly and experience the fun of flying.

How to play:
- Click the parrot to do the appropriate action.
- Sliding parrots around to see the parrot's response to it.
- Click on items in the room, the parrot will fly in the past.
- When the parrot bored to accompany him to play, hungry feeding
- Sleepy need to turn off the lights to sleep, to experience the fun to develop.
- When the player is in an idle state, parrot repeat the player to speak.
- Click the color button, then you can customize their own housing color.
- Click on the free position, the game will enter the free flight mode.

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