MyCatch - Fishing Log with Live Tracking APK

Help fisheries conservation by recording your fishing trip and catch details.

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UpdatedJan 18, 2021 (2 days ago)
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MyCatch is an app that allows citizen scientists like you to contribute data directly to fisheries biologists and researchers right from your smartphone. Guided by an advisory group of fisheries management biologists and researchers, our goal is to develop more accurate stock assessments using both traditional research methods, and your fishing logs. Stock assessments are critical in developing management plans for specific lakes and regions.

By default, your hours spent, location, and catches are shared privately with biologists. You can choose to share more or less information within the platform settings, you control your data. We know that it takes years to build up a list of secret spots that consistently produce results and that this information is sensitive. That is why privacy is among the most important features of the platform. Your secret spot stays secret. Every step of the way, you will be making the decisions about how your data is shared, and to what extent it is used. MyCatch will allow you to enter far more trip details for both your personal records and to compare your success to that of other anglers. You can log exact location, weather conditions, photos, and fish details including length, weight, lure used, and whether it was harvested or released. If you want to use the platform as a personal journal and nothing more, it’s an easy change in the settings menu.

You can play an important role in management decisions for your local lakes and rivers. Whether you can only get out on the water once a year, or you drop a line every week, your contributions as a citizen scientist will create positive change.

MyCatch Summary
-Record fishing trip information such as location, date, time spent, catches, and weather
-Live track your progress while trolling or working a stretch of river
-For each catch you can log fish length, weight, photos, bait used, fishing style, and many other data fields
-Data is shared privately with biologists and researchers
-Privacy is important, your secret spot stays secret
-Zeroes are important data points for researchers so if you have a bad day, remember to report those too
-Compare your success to that of other anglers in your area and abroad

What's New

- New! Multiple catch photo types: Hero, Measurement and Release
- New! Species and contour maps on supported waterbodies
- New! Tournaments tab

- Show recently selected fish
- Fix crashes

Email: android@mapjungle.com

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