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Jun 13, 2022
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Mydol is essential app for fans all over the world! Mydol will make your fan-life more exciting and sweet!

▶︎ What if my celebirty calls my name?
- If you enter callname you want to hear, your celebrity will talk to you with that name! You can also add your own, special lockscreen messages!

▶︎ For those who want to answer to celebrity’s lockscreen messages
- Desperately wanted to answer to celebrity’s message such as ‘Are you sleeping?’ ? You don’t have to feel sad anymore! Enjoy virtual chat with your
celebrity through Mydol Talk function~

▶ You can even make a video call with a celebrity!
- Beyond virtual chatting, now you can even sweet video calls with your celebrity. Let's try it right now!

▶︎ These day’s hot trend! Now you can make celebrity’s gif as your lockscreen
- No more freezed celebrity on your lockscreen! If you add GIF to your lockscreen, your celebrity will wink at you everytime you turn on your lockscreen~

▶︎ For those who want to hide their fanship in the real world
- Oops! Want to hide your fanship in the workplace or in front of your lover? Drag the lockscreen button down and use secret ILKO function!

▶︎ Pretend that you are your favorite celebrity And enjoy Roleplay Chatting!
- Put yourself in situations such as school life, dating with somebody, and etc,.
You can enjoy a variety of situations through Roleplay Chatting.

Mydol will always be with celebrities & fans.
And Mydol will do our best to make you love your celebrity more.

* Messages appearing on Mydol lockscreen are virtual & computerized messages. Those messages are not from real idol group/members, but from Mydol Team and users.*


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