MYKEY PREMIUM Bluetooth Application

Version0.2 (2)
UpdatedApr 17, 2017 (3 years ago)
DeveloperGaRin System.INC
CategoryApps, Auto & Vehicles

Application for the HYUNDAI/ KIA Cars.

Top speed Android Smartphone Application using Bluetooth communication for Vehicle gear System by Smartphone Apps!!

The android application which is to make remote engine start & gear the vehicle via Bluetooth communication to the vehicles, those are installed MYKEY Premium.

Capable to make remote engine start / check vehicle status up / Door unlock/ Door lock / Trunk open(for available models only) / Cease Auto door function / Low Battery voltage Alert / Auto Start / Shock Detection / Turbo Timer set / Light View / Passwords Set / Low voltage Set / Horn Mute / All Function SET/ OFF

MYKEY Premium BT Application features

1. Quick Vehicle gear by smartphone application via Bluetooth communication.
2. This application for HYUNDAI/KIA.
3. Upgrading functions by MYKEY BT applicaiton from original vehicle functions.
4. Able to check the vehicle status by one touch the main window of Smartphone.
5. Able to upgrade the vehicle that is already installed MYKEY Premium.
6. Designed to control all function on the main window of Smartphone
7. Supporting MYKEY Sunroof module as option.
8. Essential to install "Shock Sensor" with BT system.

- BT system may not work properly incase of electromagnetic interference or out of range.
- BT antenna should attached to front windscreen, if not working range could be remarkably reduced.
- BT system working range could be reduced by obstacles or winding area, in this case try to connect from open place.
- In case of BT is not connected properly, move to open place to connect vehicle and the BT system.
- In case of BT system is tied up or located closely to GPS of Car Dash CAM or Navigation, the BT working range could be reduced remarkably.
- For faster afterservice, it may require personal information(mobile phone number register), personal information will not be used for the other purpose but only for afterservice.
- It may not support Widget function for MYKEY BT.
- Scheduled Remote Start function is not supported.

Email: parkhj@mykeypro.co.kr

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