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1.2.16 · Nov 23, 2020

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Version1.2.16 (20)
UpdatedNov 23, 2020
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MyPrayers app

MyPrayers app to calculate prayer times according to the Twelver Shi'a doctrine.

MyPrayers app to calculate prayer times according to the Twelver Shi'a doctrine, and it calculates the times very accurately at the level of seconds.

This app features:
• High accuracy.
• Calculating the True Fajr.
• Calculating the alternative for Fajr.
• Sunrise and sunset calculations with non-traditional calculations.

Fajr and True Fajr:
Fajr (Astronomical dawn): It is the beginning of reflection or scattering of sunlight from the Earth's atmosphere, and a rectangular faint appears upward, and its degree is 18 arc degrees. It represents the first or false dawn, and it is according to what people are accustomed to at the time of Athan.

True Fajr: is the beginning of the dim rectangular light by spreading horizontally and. Its light appears clear and clear, and its average degree is between 15 and 16 arc degrees, it represents the second dawn and the beginning of the morning prayer time.

Fajr alternative (alternative dawn): In the absence of the astronomical dawn sign or the true dawn sign, MyPrayers app calculates the lowest time of sunlight under the horizon as an alternative to some northern regions in the summer in which the degradation is less than their angles.

Sunrise and sunset:
MyPrayers app takes into calculation the effect of altitude, temperature, atmospheric pressure and refraction in the calculation of sunrise and sunset, and perhaps MyPrayers app is the only one that takes into calculation the effect of temperature in the calculation of pressure and refraction and a dearth of apps in which the effect of temperature is limited to refraction only. The altitude affects the sunrise and sunset times in the elevated areas above the sea level, as the sunrises in the elevated areas before the sunrise to the locations on the sea level, as well as the sunset in the high areas is after the sunset time for the sites that are at sea level.

Temperature setting:
App calculates the temperature for sunrise and sunset times automatically.

App calculates the legitimate half-night with six options.

Summer timing (DST):
MyPrayers app takes into calculation the summer time and MyPrayers app is the only one who devised a way to adjust or the option to apply daylight saving time very easily and by entering only one out of 12 options according to what is currently in force in the world.

Prayer Alarm:
MyPrayers app provides the alert in the form of Athan, a ringtone and a text message, and it schedules it alternately whenever it is time for a schedule for the next, And also allows choosing among three prayers callers.

• MyPrayers app displays the standard lunar calendar (according to the vision), that is, one day later than the standard Hijri calendar (according to the calculation), with the ability to set it to agree with the official or legal calendar by increasing or decreasing one or two days.
• It also displays the Iranian solar hijri calendar with ِِِِarabic names for months and was chosen from the rest of the solar hijri calendars because it is the most accurate at all among all Islamic and non-Islamic solar calendars. The Iranian beginning differs from the Arab by its six-month progress as it coincides with the beginning of the orbital or tropical sun cycle which usually begins in March 20 or 21.
• It also displays Gregorian calendar.

You can add multiple sites and choose from them as a default location without permanent need to search for coordinates via GPS or internet connectivity. MyPrayers app also enables you to fully control addition, modification, deletion, and search for location coordinates.

Latest updates:
• Addition of English.
• Addition of Athan.
• Addition of a compass.
• Addition of religious and historical events.
• Programmatically setting the temperature.
• Convert degrees of Fajr and Maghrib to variables.
• Addition of date picker for 3 calendars.
• Addition of Duas and Visits of days.
• Addition of Duas of prayers.
• Many improvements.


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