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NameMyShubhLife APK
Version1.44.7 (191)
UpdatedAug 20, 2021
DeveloperDatasigns Technologies
CategoryApps, Finance

MyShubhLife (Formerly Shubh Loans) app

Buy Insurance, Gold. Invest in Mutual Funds, ELSS. Easy file taxes and more...

Shubh Loans is now MyShubhLife.

MyShubhLife app is a digital platform that not only provides you Loans for your personal needs but also helps you invest in Mutual Funds, buy Insurance, Gold and makes it easy to File Your Income Tax.


MyShubhLife offers custom insurance products for our customers:
1. General Health Insurance
2. Hospicash Insurance
3. Personal Accident Insurance
4. Dengue Insurance
5. Mosquito Insurance

File Your Income Tax

Filing your Income Tax returns made simple and easy on MyShubhLife app.

Buy Gold

Buy gold on MyShubhLife platform and get it delivered to your home.

Mutual Funds

Mutual Fund investments and SIPs made easy with MyShubhLife app.

Invest in the right mutual fund and SIPs at the right time. Make a big profit with Equity Mutual Funds. Start SIPs online and also save tax by investing in income tax saving funds.

Easy investment, easy withdrawal. Invest in mutual funds and SIPs online and track all your funds in one place.

Start SIPs online as low as Rs. 100/month

Tax Saving Mutual Funds (ELSS): Tax saving plans can help you save up to 45,000 tax/year. They have a lock-in period of only 3 years. Other tax-saving investments like PPF have a lock-in of 5-15 years.

Apply for a personal loan in 3 easy steps

MyShubhLife app connects borrowers with NBFCs/Banks. All loan applications are sanctioned & approved by NBFCs/Banks registered with RBI and their details are shown upfront during Loan application. Details are also available in the Loan Agreements.

1. Complete your MyShubhLife app profile with PAN and Bank Statement
2. Generate your free MyShubhLife Credit Report
3. Apply for a loan on the app and get money directly into your account

Top 8 reasons why MyShubhLife is the best app for your loan requirements

1. Get loans ranging from ₹25,000 to ₹5,00,000
2. Instead of looking for an education loan, wedding loan, loan for medical expenses and any other specific loan use MyShubhLife, a single app for all your quick loan needs
3. Get credit easily by using only a smartphone or a computer
4. eKYC: Only few documents to be uploaded on the application
5. Convenient long term repayment tenure from 6 months to 4 years
6. Interest rate from 26% - 44% p.a. on reducing balance basis, depending on the customer's risk profile and loan tenure
7. Processing fee between 0% to 3%, deducted upfront
8. MyShubhLife app is available in Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Hindi and English

Interest & APR calculation example
On a loan of ₹1,00,000 for 1 year at 26% interest rate and 2% processing fee, the equated monthly payments (EMI) will be ₹9,553 and the total interest paid will be ₹14,636. APR = 29.9%.

We provide loans to salaried employees with monthly income greater than ₹15,000

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