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MySignSays - Love Horoscope, Zodiac & Tarot Cards


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NameMy Sign Says APK
Version5.8.0 (119)
UpdatedAug 31, 2021
DeveloperMy Apply Apps
CategoryApps, Lifestyle

MySignSays - Love Horoscope, Zodiac & Tarot Cards App

Daily horoscope readings. See what the stars have in store for you in 2021 🌟

New daily horoscopes can tell you what your future holds. Daily horoscopes have the answers for all of life’s big questions - relationships, careers and more! Answers are written in the stars. Tarot cards speak, do they say it’s time to make that career change? Get the most accurate horoscopes, compatibility tests, & tarot readings for 2021!

Daily horoscopes and tarot readings hold the answers to all zodiac, love compatibility, astrology and compatibility test questions. MySignSays offers new answers every single day. Take the guesswork out of life's big questions by receiving daily horoscopes! The answers are written in the stars. Get new love horoscopes, astrology, numerology and tarot readings with the most accuracy around and access them on your lock screen so you never miss out.

Horoscope articles detail various aspects of the zodiac and will delight you with the latest insights and events. Free horoscopes will give you insight into your life and frequently updated astrology articles will keep you up to date with all things zodiac. Our expert writers cover the zodiac from every aspect imaginable. Check in for your new weekly horoscopes and see what’s in store for you.

Astrology, free horoscopes and tarot minigames are available every day for you to enjoy. Horoscopes show your opposite in Toxic Match, Mood Rings detect your feelings and the Magic 8-Ball can give you quick answers to life’s little questions. Read regularly updated content on all things horoscope, astrology and tarot each day.

Daily horoscopes, tarot readings, astrology readings, zodiac compatibility and more are available for you to enjoy with MySignSays today.

MySignSays Features:

Daily Horoscopes
- Free daily horoscopes
- Love horoscope predictions with the most accuracy
- Zodiac sign and horoscope information
- Horoscopes and astrology readings

Love Compatibility
- Love horoscope readings
- Zodiac sign relationship guidance
- Sign compatibility tests will tell you if your relationship is written in the stars
- Love compatibility opposites are tested in Toxic Match
- Astrology charts determine compatibility

Tarot Card Readings (PREMIUM FEATURE)
- Tarot readings and information
- Psychic tarot readings help you understand what’s in the cards for your future
- Tarot can answer life questions

Astrology Prediction Games
- Horoscope-focused minigames help you get answers to your questions
- Toxic Match: see who your zodiac compatibility signs are NOT
- Magic 8-Ball: ask a question, get an answer!
- Mood Rings: touch the screen for insights into your current mood

Astrology Articles
- New horoscope readings and articles daily
- Horoscope articles are frequently updated, letting you read up on the zodiac
- Daily horoscope articles on astrology – see what planets are in retrograde and how it will affect you
- Astrology news and trending topics

Get horoscopes, love compatibility tests, astrology news and games daily in MySignSays.
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