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Mystery Of Egypt: Ancient Tales - Pharaohs' Parade game

Explore Ancient Egypt. All about pharaohs of Egypt and life in Ancient Egyptians

Feed your historical knowledge with valuable information about the Interesting Events, Kings and common people life in Ancient Egypt.

The game depends on solving puzzle of numbers using basic skills in adding and subtracting fractions, and the reward after solving the puzzle is entering the mysteries of Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt was known for impressive advances in medical science, engineering, chemistry and cosmology. This was reflected in their skills in public life, their inventions, the discovery of the secrets of the universe and the human being, and advanced methods of medicine and agriculture that are still used today.

Learn more about the religious beliefs of ancient Egypt, Their Gods and Mythical Beings, and the their interest in life after death, how they harnessed their scientific knowledge to help them reach the eternal life after death with the help of Gods.

Acknowledgment and Attribution:

Thanks a lot for the YouTube channel (FineSound), the owners of the beautiful music in this game. I recommend visiting their channel and enjoying their amazing different pieces of music they present...

Thanks a lot for all the valuable websites that provide distinctive historical and scientific content published for public. I recommend visiting these pages for those who want more valuable information on ancient Egyptian history and other sciences...


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