Mystery of Hidden Evidence APK

Play the best hidden objects game and solve mysterious cases around the city!

Version3.07 (2010)
UpdatedNov 06, 2020 (2 months ago)
DeveloperLory Hidden Object Games
CategoryGames, Puzzle

A series of robberies happened last night in town. A valuable diamond is missing as well as many other expensive things. Find hidden objects that can help you solve the mystery case – play Hidden Evidence Mystery Game – Find Missing Items for free! Be the best detective – show your skills, train your brain to find hidden objects and catch the criminals. Crime scene investigation is not easy at all because the mess is everywhere. Are all the crimes connected? It's on you to discover – search for hidden proof and be a part of the most thrilling detective story!

More than a 1000 hidden objects in crime scene!
Missing items game translated into 15 languages!
Detective game with multiple levels and gameplays!
Zoom in/out features for mobile phones and tablets!
Fantastic thrilling music and amazing sound effects!
Addictive mini games among hidden figures games!

Supported languages: English, Bahasa Indonesia, Русский, Dansk, Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Nederlands, Português, Srpski, Suomi, Svenska, Türkçe, Український

HOW TO PLAY Hidden Evidence Mystery Game – Find Missing Items games free?

Find hidden objects in the picture written on the cards. Click on the “light bulb” when you get stuck. Find hidden figures when you are given a picture or a silhouette and search for missing items hidden in anagrams. There is a special level as a time limit game, where the timer brings a dramatic moment to this search and find hidden object game. Play other mini games for brain that will show you how to make a strategy, like logic games, brain teasers, memory games with cards and hidden object puzzle games. All that in this fantastic Hidden Evidence Mystery Game – Find Missing Items free download!

Find hidden clues and help the old inspector solve the case!

Spot the hidden objects in pictures of the mystery mansion, abandoned places of the town or the most famous casinos. The missing evidence is everywhere, so don't hesitate, become a true detective and play one of the best search and find hidden object games free download. Get Hidden Evidence Mystery Game – Find Missing Items in pictures and challenge your object finding and searching skills. This is going to become your favorite relaxing game and the best time killing app after a hard work.

Free unlimited hidden object games 2019!

CSI games and cop games are very popular, but there is nothing like this seek and find game free offline with police investigation. Free full version hidden object games for adults are here for you who love criminal case games and be the best detective in your police station. Put the suspects behind the bars – be quick and play Hidden Evidence Mystery Game – Find Missing Items games free. This is the most addictive game you can find on the market, so hurry up and take one of the best hidden object games for free!

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