Welcome to MYTERN City: teaching you how to Take Emotional Responsibility Now.

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This app was NOT designed to entertain….but to retrain.

The MYTERN City App helps you to retrain your brain by delivering a message from Monday to Friday at random times within the hours of your choice. Each message reinforces and prompts you to practise the MYTERN skill, making it a part of your everyday life.

Download the app, choose to create an account, and then enter your special code. If you have not been given a code, please ask your teacher, boss, leader or CEO to buy a licence today. Contact jane@myterncity.com.au for more information.
If you need the MYTERN App NOW, download it from MYTERN in the App store, so that you can start building your emotional intelligence, health and resilience straight away!

Once you’ve registered, read the tutorial so you can familiarise yourself with the metaphor and characters that are part of the skill, receive your first message, and then upload your PETS (explained in the app).
There is a MYTERN Mini Manual within the app for those who wish to learn more about the skill.

No-one can stop the daily stressors of life (work pressure, assignments, relationships etc)….but MYTERN can help you to control how you REACT to those stressors, no matter WHAT the circumstances. How awesome is that!

MYTERN is an extremely powerful skill that has the potential to change your life :)

"MYTERN helped me to handle all the pressures that came with starting university; the workload, changing realtionships, even my financial situation. I can highly recommend it for everyone. And yes, it DID change my life...for the better!" (University Student)

“As a result of adopting MYTERN, I have never been or felt as confident and competent in dealing with tricky or delicate situations in the workplace. It certainly is a powerful skill to adopt - both personally and professionally.”
(Executive Team Member)

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