Naked & Unashamed Strip Game APK

Undressing randomizer for married couples. Makes foreplay different every night.

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UpdatedDec 18, 2015 (5 years ago)
DeveloperMarriage Fun
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If you want to make love to your spouse, you both have to shed your clothes. Most couples do this using the same routine every time. He undresses her, she undresses him.

But what will happen if you undress in a completely different way? Probably foreplay and sex will be very different too! Why? Because you will feel different. Maybe you will feel more vulnerable, which is good, because making yourself vulnerable for your spouse will help to grow trust and intimacy. Maybe you will get to see each other's bodies in new ways, which is good too, because it will help to rekindle your attraction and desire for each other. Maybe you will just get new opportunities to touch each other in different ways and spots, because your body parts get exposed in a different order.

'Naked & Unashamed' will help you to experience this simple way of adding variation to your love making. You just enter which clothing items you both are wearing and how long it should take to get naked, ranging from 5 minutes to 5 hours. And then from time to time you get simple instructions about what item or items to take off and how to do it. One moment you take off something yourself and the next moment you remove something from your spouse. One night you undress slowly, 1 item at a time, and another night you undress quickly, removing everything at once. One day you will both be naked about the same time, and the next day one of you will be naked already while the other is still almost fully clothed.

You will be really surprised how much influence this simple instructions will have on your following love making! Just try it out!

- Ca. 100 different actions
- Extensive lists of clothing items for both husband and wife to choose from.
- The game knows which items prevent other items to be removed.
- The game also knows which items can come off quickly (normal clothes) and which items should be kept on for a while (lingerie etc).
- You can easily skip any action you don't like and wait for another.
- Your names are used in the actions.
- You can set a password to prevent others from opening the game.

What's New

Option added to select certain clothing items which should not be removed.
Some new actions added.

Email: lilliesandspices@gmail.com

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