Nano Defender Beta APK

Nano Defender is a skill based, tactical combat game for tablets and phones.

Version1.0 (1)
UpdatedMay 31, 2017 (4 years ago)
DeveloperWisdom Hut
CategoryGames, Action

You are the pilot of a nano robot. Blue Nano is deployed at the moment to defend aqua-gardens. Assignment one is to herd benign critters around the garden in order to protect a central berry plant. Success in this peaceful garden assignment generates baby "Blues." Blue Nano as you may have guessed, is mechanical and designed to look like a real life Blue, in a friendly sort of way.

When an aqua garden is overridden by blight, creatures in the garden also become blighted. You are assigned to combat these evil rays, worms, torpedoes, and swarms. Your ultimate challenge is to combat a Rogue Nano. Work hard and you will gain in rank!

As a pilot, you can customize controls to suit your personal style. Mobs have various levels of combat intelligence and it is part of your training to sort through which are easy to fight and which are hard. Different tactics work better for different adversaries. As you gain experience you can choose missions of higher levels. You choose missions from five different "tubes" in any order. Each tube delivers a specific type of combat situation.

Have fun!

What's New

Initial release.

Email: lvnash47@gmail.com

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