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nature forest wallpaper is an lwp for your phone set the app as live wallpaper to make your android phone more beautiful and alive download enchanted forest live wallpaper from our given resolutions for free. we have the best collection of nature forest wallpaper. if you don’t find the perfect resolution, you may download the original size or any higher resolution nature forest wallpaper which will best fit your screen.

this lwp depict a picture of an enchanted or magical forest full of red trees, swaying left and right, back and forth, very majestic, we can see sunray beaming trough the trees. in literature, an enchanted forest is a forest under, or containing, enchantments. nature forest wallpaper. such forests are described in the oldest folklore from regions where forests are common, and occur throughout the centuries to modern works of fantasy. they represent places unknown to the characters, and situations of liminality and transformation. the forest can feature as a place of threatening danger, or one of refuge, or a chance at adventure. the forest as a place of magic and danger is found among folklore wherever the natural state of wild land is forest a creepy forest wallpaper is a location beyond which people normally travel, where strange things might occur, creepy forest wallpaper, and strange people might live, the home of monsters, witches and fairies. creepy forest wallpaper. peasants who seldom if ever traveled far from their villages could not conclusively say that it was impossible that an ogre could live an hour away the hero always goes into the forest. creepy forest wallpaper.

it is not itself enchanted, but it contains enchantments and, being outside normal human experience, acts as a place of transformation. the german fairy tale has an unusual tendency to take place in the forest; even such neighboring countries as france or italy are less like to have fairy tales situated in the forest. the creatures of the forest need not be magical to have much the same effect. the danger of the folkloric forest is an opportunity for the heroes of legend. among the oldest of all recorded tales

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