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Oct 28, 2018
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Naughty Farter GAME

Naughty farter is perfect fart simulation game to spend a good time with friends. It is designed to entertain children and adolescents experience different and fun making fart sounds, will be capable of sounding fart jokes from his cell and create hilarious situations. It’s Very simple and extremely addicting game , you just need to fart on streets when nobody is noticing you , you can use street traffic sounds to hide your fart sound Choose your character male or female and your aim is to fart accurate so your neighbor can't hear you farting. You can score longer with longer farts but beware don’t let yourself to wait for a long time to fart, else it may cause some funny dangerous after effects. Receive now hours of laughs with your friends in elevators, stairways, cinemas and all other environments inconvenient to have fun with your friends. Simulate various types of fart, flatulence.
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