Navagraha Stotram - Mantra APK

Navagraha Mantra app teaches its users the ideal way to chant Navagraha Stotram.

Version1.26 (26)
UpdatedJun 28, 2020 (1 month ago)
DeveloperJasmin Technology
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The app Navagraha Mantra is about chanting and learning recitation of Navagraha Stotra in an amicable way at your fingertips on your android device. Once you download the free app, you will get to hear the pious chanting of Navagraha Stotram as many times you want to listen to. It is a simple-to-play app and it is an off data app; once downloaded, you don’t need internet connection to play the app.

How to play the app
Simply download the app NavGraha Mantra and keep on hearing the hymn against an auspicious musical background of puja bell or conch blow. You can change the background of the app with Navagraha image as well as you can save the image as your phone’s a wall paper. You can set the Navagraha Surya Enchanter as your phone’s ringtone. Spread the spiritual wellness all over the world.

You can play the app as the tool of total wellness daily mantra so that your mind remains uncluttered. Daily practice of Navagraha Mantra will keep you free from all turmoil and confusion.

App’s Features:
The app Navagraha Mantra is built with multiple user friendly features. These are:
• User friendly interface,
• HD quality image and smooth display of daily mantra on screen for your uninterrupted navagraha mantra learning.
• You can create special puja ambiance of Navagraha puja on your mobile to feel motivational wherever you are on the earth.
• It is a free app and can be played offline once it is downloaded. Take your Navagraha temple always with you virtually.

Download the app Navagraha Mantra and cherish authentic Navagraha mantra on your mobile. You will feel eternal happiness in your heart by daily practicing it.

Email: appsdevotee@gmail.com

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