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Nov 25, 2016
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NavMe for Pebble APP


Thanks for all the support and great feedback over the years. The time has come to retire NavMe. The most recent release should get all features working again. I have removed the license requirement as I will no longer support this app.


Make sure to double check notification access - it may have been switched off in the most recent release.

*** Notice ***
- Make sure to update your pebble watch app
- Administrative permission was added to allow locking of screen when starting/stopping navigation.

Google Navigation on your wrist.
Automatically detects when Google navigation has started and displays the next direction in realtime.

- Menu (Double click back button)
- Color Change
- Alert (Enable/Disable)
- Backlight (Force always on)
- Cancel Navigation
- Start Navigation
- Configurable alerts for left/right directions

- Alerts
- Approaching next turn
- New direction available
- GPS lost
- Pebble connection lost
- Navigation canceled before reaching destination

- Realtime information
- Distance to next turn
- Estimated arrival time
- Total Distance remaining
- Next turn instructions
- Icon representing next direction

- Advanced Features
- Override back to return to previous application
- Flash support to display turn then return to previous application

- Automatically starts Pebble App on Alert to avoid missing important information even if you are in anther Pebble App.

- Multiple Screens, Click and hold select to switch been big and detail view.
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