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UpdatedMay 31, 2016 (4 years ago)

Nazi Zombies [ALPHA] APK

Survive waves of the undead...

*This app is an ALPHA, a work in progress, so please don't play the game with the mindset of thinking this is a complete game and rating it low because it is incomplete!*

*Game might not play well with older devices! Devices this game has been tested on are:
-Galaxy S3, S4, S5, & S6
-Galaxy Note 5
-Nexus 7
-Nexus 9

Yes, I am alive, and my Zombie Project is still in the works. Although I don't have much time to work on developing apps because of college, I'd still like to give you guys a taste of what's to come for my Zombies game!

I will be updating the ALPHA until it reaches it's BETA stage, and then to it's final release. Stay classy everybody! ;)

College is currently a huge obstacle for me in working on this game, so I apologize in advance for very long periods in-between updates. Please understand that the ads are there to help support me and this project (an app download from an ad gives me about a $1), for this game will be released for FREE when it is completed.


Patch 1.5:
- 1 New Mystery Box weapons: Hk21 (LMG)
- 1 New Wall weapons: M14 (AR)
- Changed and fixed gun's textures to original colors (AUG's green, wooden stocks, etc.)

Patch 1.4:

Patch 1.3:
- 2 New Mystery Box weapons: FN FAL (AR) & FAMAS (AR)

Patch 1.2:
- Further increased sensitivity slider from 40 to 100!
- 3 New Mystery Box weapons: G11 (AR), AUG (AR), & RPK (LMG)

Patch 1.1:
- 2 New Mystery Box weapons: SPAS-12 (shotgun) & Python (revolver)
- 2 New Wall weapons: MP40 (SMG) & Stakeout (shotgun)
- Added Sensitivity Sliders to the Pause Menu
- Increased Reload Speed for Galil
- Increased Search Distance for Zombies
- Fixed issue with Zombies clipping through the Base
- Reduced APK size from 90.90 to 77.33 MB

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1.5 (10) May 31, 2016
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Android TV, Tablet, ...May 31, 2016
Android 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10May 31, 2016

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1.5 (10)May 31, 2016
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1.31 (7)Mar 20, 2016
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