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Discover and engage with beacons, NFC tags and QR codes nearby

Version2.6.1 (33)
UpdatedMay 01, 2019 (1 year ago)
DeveloperMobStac Inc.
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NearBee is the way to get notified of offers, deals and informational messages broadcast by beacons or other proximity technologies like QR codes and NFC tags - near you. In the case of beacons, notifications are richer and smarter than Nearby Notifications!

This proximity marketing app is best suited for retail stores, real estate, museums, gyms airports, and restaurants.

NearBee currently detects and displays Eddystone campaigns from all beacon vendors. However, you get notified of these campaigns only when the beacon signal is being broadcast from a Beaconstac beacon.

How does NearBee work with beacons?
As soon as you walk into a beacon-enabled zone, you receive notifications relevant to the location - on your lock screen. Tap on it to launch the app and check the offer/information - convenient and efficient!

Get beacon notifications on lock screens
With lock screen notifications on NearBee, do not miss out on any exciting deals and contextual information on lock screens. It vibrates or makes a sound based on the settings on the smartphone.

NearBee enhances the user experience - no duplicate notifications
Repeat notifications while walking in and out of a beacon range can be daunting. With NearBee, you see a notification again only when you walk into the beacon range after a considerable amount of time.

Get notified of everything near you!
2018 has witnessed innovative beacon use-cases across industries. And these use-cases are only multiplying with time. From retail stores to airports to movie theatres to restaurants to bus stations and more, are leveraging beacons to enhance the customer experience. This means you could talk to everything around you with NearBee on your smartphone!


NearBee has the capability to read NFC campaigns and scan QR codes. When a user with a NearBee app on their smartphone walks into an NFC or QR zone, she can open the app and tap it on the NFC tag to receive notifications, or access the in-built QR code scanner on the app to access the QR code campaigns.

Learn more about NFC marketing - https://www.beaconstac.com/nfc-marketing
Learn more about QR code marketing - https://www.beaconstac.com/qr-code-generator
Check out how beacons work here - https://www.beaconstac.com/what-is-a-bluetooth-beacon
Learn more about us - https://www.beaconstac.com/

For instructions on making your beacons work with NearBee, please see:

- https://docs.beaconstac.com/nearbee/how-to-configure-my-beacons-so-that-nearbee-detects-them
- https://docs.beaconstac.com/nearbee/how-your-beacons-can-trigger-notifications-on-nearbee

What's New

Version 2.6.1
- Crash fixes
Version 2.6
- Added QR code reader
- Added NFC tag reader
- Add rich notifications that can now show banner images
- Bug fixes and improvements

Email: support@beaconstac.com

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