Crime & vandalism prevention, increase security and safety of neighbourhoods

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A new and easy way to engage with Neighbourhood Watch / Neighborhood watch.

Neighbourhood Watch App makes it easy to record & upload videos of suspicious activities anonymously with one click for rest of neighbourhood to be alerted.
Other benefits include
- Automatically handles network issues for uploads.
- Automatically adds geo locations, time stamp on videos.
- Automatically shares the video on the app for other neighbours to review.
- Prevents fake incidents and fake videos uploads by design.
- Crowdsourced management of in-appropriate videos.

Neighbourhood apps are devoted to crime and vandalism prevention within a neighbourhood and to increase security and safety measures. When a criminal activity or misuse is suspected, members are encouraged to record using Neighbourhood Watch Camera to automatically inform the neighborhood, and not to intervene. If criminal activities are suspected, members should call police.

Neighbourhood Watch App helps keeping an eye around your neighbourhood, just search your locality address or pinch to zoom into your area and see all the recorded videos by others in your neighbhourhood. Easy share button helps share the video to others on social media & social messenger to alert them of any danger.

Neighbourhood Camera App widget makes it easy to record & upload videos of suspicious activities anonymously with one click for rest of neighbourhood to be alerted.

Below is a list of examples of suspicious behaviours; if you see similar activities occurring, we recommend that you record it with Neighbourhood Camera :

-A person carrying property; such as electronic equipment, stereo, office equipment, or a locked bike, at an unusual time or location.

-Someone going door-to-door in an office building or residential area without the appropriate Identification.

-A vehicle cruising the streets repeatedly; this person may be looking for an opportunity to steal unattended property from unsecured offices or homes.

-Anyone forcing their way into a locked vehicle; especially at night.

-Transactions being held at a vehicle or a high volume of traffic going to and coming from a home on a daily basis.

-One or more people sitting in a parked car checking out the area; they may be lookouts for a possible crime in progress, a burglary or robbery or planning a crime in the future.

-Someone being forced into a vehicle; this could be domestic violence or an abduction.

-A person showing unusual mental or physical symptoms; he or she may be injured, have been in an accident, be under the influence of illegal drugs or prescribed medications, or need other medical or psychiatric help.

-Unusual noises; alarms, gunshots, yelling, fighting sounds, dogs barking incessantly.

Neighbourhood watches are not vigilante organizations. When suspecting criminal activities, members are encouraged to contact authorities and not to intervene.

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