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yosemite national park is filled with natural wonders all year-round of cascades, but if you happen to visit during the last few weeks of february, and if conditions are just right, then you could be rewarded with the incredible sight of the horsetail fall turning into a glowing river of lava or, neon wallpaper at least, that's what it looks like.

in reality, the phenomenon is the result of an optical illusion of neon, and the falls only appear like this for approximately 10 minutes each day around sunset. the horsetail falls flow from the el capitan mountain, and in order for there to be enough water stream to put on a show, there first has to be heavy snow and rain in the sierra mountains. that sight in itself is impressive and rare during the drought of the past few years but because of the position of the sun during these last few weeks of february, the light at sunset hits the waterfall in just the right way to set the whole thing alight, creating the illusion of tumbling river flooding of lava. neon waterfall live wallpaper. and this year, thanks to heavy rainfall in the sierra nevada, the waterfall looks especially fiery. so what causes this effect to see the falls in full fire-mode, you need to have just the right combination of weather conditions. liquid live wallpapers. but it continues to draw the crowds (most carrying cameras) year after year.

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