“Master the Nepal Driving License Exam with our trusted app of over 7.5 years.”


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Nov 21, 2023

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Nepal Driving License Exam APP

"Nepal Driving License Exam is a comprehensive app designed to help you prepare for the Nepali Driving License Examination. Our app has been serving users for over 7.5 years, providing a trusted and reliable platform for preparing for the Nepal Driving License Exam. With our app, you can practice with real exam questions and enhance your knowledge about traffic rules and regulations in Nepal.

Key Features:

Practice Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) for the Nepal Driving License Exam.
Prepare for both Car/Jeep/Van and Motorcycle/Bike/Scotty/Moped license exams.
Learn about the traffic signs implemented on Nepali roads.
Our app is based on the actual questions asked in the examination, making it a valuable tool for anyone preparing for the Nepal Driving License Exam. Join thousands of satisfied users and start your journey towards obtaining your driving license today!

Please note: Our app is designed to assist in the preparation for the written examination for obtaining a Nepali Driving License. It does not provide any governmental services."
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