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Version1.2.1 (121)
UpdatedMar 08, 2015 (6 years ago)
Developerfiras achkar
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check initial demo source code at:

This is an open source, free, demo application for network traffic monitoring and data usage statistics for Android based devices (though tested it mainly on Google's Nexus family of devices up-to Lollipop).

The real heavy work of the App is accomplished via native JNI/C++/STL Containers, with minimum Java usage for UI.

It is based on the kernel traffic statistics per interface such as, /sys/class/net/ppp0/statistics/rx/tx_bytes, and also on the TrafficStats class from Android.
The application consists of a background service that queries and store data in memory (no storage access required). It also comes with a basic UI for controlling the service-query and save periods (1min or 1 hour).
All reported values are in aggregated sum of Rx/Tx bytes per process/application. Reported values seem to be more realistic than those reported by Android's 'Data usage'.
For those whom have 'busybox' with 'wget' applet can try to download a small file as shown below. NetTrafficStats may show a new entry with package set to 'null' but the bytes Sent/Received accurately reflects more the downloaded file size.
firas@barbarian:~/Downloads> adb shell busybox wget -O /mnt/sdcard/tar-1.11-1.11.1.diff.gz
Connecting to (
tar-1.11-1.11.1.diff 100% |*******************************| 33765 00:00:00 ETA

firas@barbarian:~/Downloads> adb shell ls -l /mnt/sdcard/tar-1.11-1.11.1.diff.gz
----rwxr-x system sdcard_rw 33765 2013-11-14 00:34 tar-1.11-1.11.1.diff.gz

What's New

Version 1.2.0
Added Totals and android.uid.root:0 user stats
Version 1.1.9
Added support for various Mobile Radio Interfaces
Version 1.1.8
New trio-color theme (black gray white)
Swipe in menu for update interval
Version 1.1.7
Foreground service mode
Version 1.1.6
Bug fixes in time display
Version 1.1.5
Enhanced table readability in UI
Version 1.1.4
Fixed wrong month calculation
Version 1.1.3
Current AIDL based service/UI implementation

Email: firas.achkar@gmail.com

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